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Team Rules

Team Rules

District 10 team rules we will:

  • Win as a team
  • Lose as a team
  • Support the team at all times
  • Learn from each others mistakes
  • Give 100% effort
  • Respect the game

Appearance – each team will dress as follows:

  • Shirts with ties. (ties properly worn)
  • Neat pants. (Dockers, etc.) NO SHORTS
  • Bulldogs jacket (when available)

Before Game Time – “80% Mental, 50% Physical”

  • Games-arrive 1 hour before start time.
  • Each player will report directly to a member of the coaching staff.
  • Players must be in the locker room 30 minutes before game time.
  • Locker room will be closed 30 minutes before game time for discussion and instructions.

During Game Time – “Commitment and Will”

  • Play as a team – no individualism. We will also play by the rules and not be disrespectful to referees.

After Game Time – “Learning”

  • There should be a 5-10 minute discussion about the game, win or lose.
  • Get information-future practices, game schedules (check with team manager)
  • Make sure locker room is clean before leaving.
  • Completely out of the locker room no more than 20 minutes after game time.

Team Conduct – “No Finger Pointing.”

  • Players MUST notify a coach no later than Friday when they cannot attend a game. Failure to do so will mean an automatic suspension of 1 game.
  • A player who continually gets out of line will be spoken to in private. If it continues, the player will be suspended or expelled from the team.